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Mahola (Aid) Project, Cameroon
– 24th Feb – Mahola Project Day –  In Greyfriars Hall – a day of celebration and learning about the project incl Percussion workshop (drop-in) African drumming 2-4pm, African Music in the church 5-6pm, and in Greyfriars from 7.30-19pm African food, music, photos and raffle. More info from Deacon Mario at

The ‘Mahola’ (this means ‘Aid’ in the Bassa language) project is concerned with the development of a local health care system in a deprived area of Cameroon in central Africa. This system will include educational projects for school children, the establishment of an extended network of trained and well equipped first aiders, bursaries for future nurses and mid-wives, an ambulance service and a health centre – in the rain forest about 60 kilometres from the capital Yaoundé. The project puts a strong emphasis on the protection of the environment, education in general, equal opportunities and the protection of children and vulnerable adults. The local population has organised themselves and elected a steering committee to oversee and manage the operation of this healthcare system over time, provided a plot of land for the health centre and committed to produce some of the building materials such as bricks locally, all free of charge.

The project entered the detailed design phase last September and is currently completing this phase, with the design documents being signed off by the local Steering Committee in the next few months during our next trip to the country (by our local coordinator who comes from the region but lives in the UK).
Please do contact us (Deacon Mario) if you wish to join us and/or have any questions about the project; and please keep informed about the project via our website (or via Twitter or Facebook).
The needs of the local population are ones that we take for granted. The prime needs are … 
  • treatment and protection from Malaria, HIV, Cholera and Pneumonia etc.;
  • medical care in case of emergencies and associated transport;
  • roads, green electricity, clean running water, recycling and waste disposal;
  • provision of pastoral and spiritual care, education, training and employment prospects..

More information and pictures are available at
Contact – Mario Kossmann at


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CAFOD is an international aid agency working to alleviate poverty and suffering in developing countries.

CAFOD’s aims are …


Pietrelcina (Padre Pio School)
Avda narangaiĦ, Los Olibos, Lima 39 Peru
 – contact Maria Sylva von Bomsdorf, at masyvon@hotmail.comwpPeru Anniversary
What a joy to hear and then to meet Sylva, after Mass. It is staggering to realise that the school has only recently acquired running water and a proper sewage system. We take so much for granted.
We wish her well in the library project and look forward to hearing of success in getting pupils used to returning the books they borrow!!
Sylva left  these photographs of the school. The primary school anniversary for which all of the fancy dress costumes are made from recycled material – the yellow dress being fashioned from paper which was stiffened by paint.  It seems that poverty cannot stifle human creativity.
wpPeru schoolPupils the world over can show the same range of attention – from rapt to “May I go home soon?

wpPeruschool leaversBut this group of school leavers testify to the success of the project.






wpPerulittles.. and here are the youngest pupils (just 3 years old)