Proclaim ’15


Update on Proclaim ’15 Activities
It is very easy to hear of Proclaim ’15 and regard it as yet another “pet hobby-horse” where we make nice noises, tick the box and move on unchanged. But Proclaim ’15 has made, and still is making, a difference to people’s lives.  See below ………

a) Home Alone Teas – every month Greyfriars Friendship Club hold a tea for those who live alone – every event incorporates tea, discussion and some entertainment. The initial meeting in December ’15 attracted 17 guests, now 30-40 attend, have fun and companionship.
b) Prayer Hour for Refugees and Peace – every month Elizabeth and Patrick Dillon organise a calm and contemplative prayer session. All are welcome to attend for as long or as short a time as they wish.
c) The list of those wishing to receive Holy Communion at home has been updated – please notify the parish office if you know someone who would like to be added to the list – there are now some 12 Eucharistic Ministers
d) Deacon Mario and Carmel Wear lead a team that offers an ecumenical service at several Clevedon Care Homes – volunteers who wish to join them should contact the parish office
e) So that our prayers for the sick and recently deceased might become even more meaningful…
– relatives of those lately deceased are invited to provide the parish office with a photograph to be placed on the font
– relatives of the long-term sick are invited to provide the parish office with a photograph to be placed on the noticeboard at Clevedon or Yatton.
This ways parishioners may recognise the face even if the name rings no bells. Thus parishioners may pray more ardently, attend the requiem service and support the relatives.
f) To better communicate the requests for prayers an Intercessionary Prayer Book will be placed in the Lady Chapel for individuals to enter their prayers. Once a month this book will be taken to the priest at a Sunday Mass and the parish community present will be invited to prayer to the requests.
g) A “Preparing for a Funeral” booklet is in the final stage of preparation.  Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy, so this booklet is intended to ease some of the concerns. It will be issued shortly and after a brief trial will be amended, as/if needed and then published.



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