Parish Day July ’17


Nearly 60 parishioners joined David Wells as he led them in our Parish Day of Reflection. Below you will find …

… Fr Reg’s summary of the dat as given in his homily over the weekend of 29th-30th July

… David’s first talk of the morning

… David’s second talk of the morning

… Reactions of those who attended

Fr Reg’s summary of the day

David Wells’ 1st Morning Talk

David’s 2nd Talk

Here in bullet-point fashion, are some of the comments made …

  • What an excellent speaker – so professional
  • Wasn’t he lively – he certainly kept me awake!
  • I came with a number of family worries but they simply left my mind – he engaged us all in what he was saying, I forgot my worries
  • I only intended to come for the morning out of duty but ended up staying the whole day.  It was great.
  • I was dreading it being heavy theology but he presented quotes from the Pope in “bite-sized chunks”, so easy to listen to and remember
  • So good to be reminded that it was OK to be cheerful in Church – I smile at people when I go to communion and it’s nice to feel that’s alright!
  • The personal, family stories, were so intimate and meaningful
  • His teaching was so relevant to our lives today
  • His reassurances about the young were very helpful
  • David threw out a challenge about having a similar Day for young families – how about it?  We’ve certainly got enough people in the Parish who are suitably checked for safe-guarding etc.
  • The idea that it’s not about mass attendance numbers but rather about identifying and meeting the needs “out there” is thought-provoking and necessary
  • We must get him back again!  (This came from a number of directions – including Fr Reg!)
  • We must consider having David for an In-Service Day (this from a Headteacher of a Catholic Secondary School in Bristol, who was glad to be there on Saturday)

At the P.P.C. meeting on Monday 17th July, a number of initiatives were discussed and decided upon (as a result of Saturday’s “kick up the backside!) :

  1. An area in Church has been set up for young children & Mum/Dad – with carpet, books, soft toys, colouring books etc. and used today at Mass by 6 young ones
  2. Ushers to have urgent meeting and put training in place to ensure warmly  greeting all, as well as identifying newcomers/visitors
  3. A family picnic planned for 10 Sept to follow 11am Mass – using hall, friary rooms and garden.
  4. A Bible Study/faith sharing session suggested – date in July and Sept to start with, to see how it goes.
  5. Suggestion for the existing Friendship Club (for housebound and those living alone), to be widened further afield, to be considered