Prayer Groups


Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions

wp Pope FranUsing the new Papal Video Initiative we are all able to share in the monthly intentions of the Pope, thereby adding our prayers to his.
Click the link to see/hear Pope Francis’ monthly intentions …



Greyfriars Prayer Group @ Immaculate Conception Church,

PG GreyfriarsWe normally meet @ Greyfriars Hall, on Monday mornings, after the 10am Mass i.e. 10.30 for 10.45am start. Our prayer group sessions consist of Hymns, Prayers, Quiet and Sharing – we finish with tea and coffee and end at 12.15-ish!! All are welcome!

As we sometimes meet elsewhere, please contact Neil Quinn on (01275) 343 763 for more information.
N.B. The prayer group is “resting”, and will continue to do so until we meet again on Monday 11th September
– also see “Renewal” Diocesan Website:


Meditation Group

“The all-important aim in Christian meditation is to allow God’s mysterious and silent presence within us to becomewp JohnMain more and more not only a reality, but the reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are!

The Meditation Group meet weekly and welcomes anyone interested in learning the John Main Method .

Contact Patrick Dillon for further information  – telephone 01275 794094

N.B.  John Main OSB (1926 – 1982) was a Roman Catholic priest and Benedictine monk who presented a way of Christian meditation which utilised a prayer-phrase. In 1975 he began Christian meditation groups which met at his monastery in West London these ultimately led to the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).


St Anthony’s Devotion Group

wp StAnthonyofPaduaThe “Devotion of the Nine Tuesdays” was begun in 1617 and the novena has continued in its devotion to St Anthony of Padua ever since.  St Anthony died, in Padua, on Friday13th July 1231. The following Tuesday his remains were taken to the Franciscan Church. The funeral procession became a great triumph because of the many miracles worked on the way. From then on Tuesday became a day of special prayer and devotion to St Anthony.

The group meets at 7.30pm every Tuesday evening for rosary, hymns and prayers. The devotion session ends with the opportunity for those who wish to venerate the relic of St Anthony.

New members to the group are always welcome as are visitors who wish to gain first hand experience of the “Devotion of the Nine Tuesdays”

Contact: Patrick Tossell on Tel : 01275 342515
Further information is available from