Prayer Requests


If, at any time, you wish prayers to be said for a specific person or intention, please contact the parish office.
– contact the office or Fr Reg email here tel 01275 873205

In addition you may wish to request prayers through Friary News – this resource publicises  prayer requests, important Parish information.. To add  a prayer request, please e-mail:

Your prayers are requested for:

Your prayers are requested for: Terese Martin, Fran Bainbridge, Pat Boucousis, Rosemary Tozer, Margaret Norris, Norah Gorman, Christina Jane Rolls, Pam Dingley, Georgia Clay, Peter Shelley, Ryan Rees, Dorothy Turner, Lenny Redman, Derek Mages, Dominic Shelley, June Wilkins, Colin Hall, Father Roger Barralet O.F.M., Jo Hickey, Maureen Youde, Christopher Browne, Pepita Golledge, Carmelo Scuncio, Janet Mages, Christopher Harris, Derek Mitchell, Kevin Gallagher, Bill Hampton, Christopher Simpson, Anthony Burke, Maurice O’Connell, John Urgyn, Tom & Vera McLaughlin

Please also remember in your prayers recently deceased, especially John Bigwood, and those whose anniversaries occur at this time.