Sacrament of Confirmation 2019 – if your child has just entered School Year 9 and wishes to join the confirmation office, please contact the parish office on 01275873205

First Holy Communion 2019 – if your child is entering Year 3 in September there was a preparation learning programme starting on Saturday 8th September – with an Enrolment Mass at 11am on Sunday 16th September – leaflets available from the Narthex or the Parish Office. -If you would like to enrol your child ,please contact Fr Reg on 01275 873205


Sac BaptismBaptism is often called the gateway to the sacraments because baptism initiates you into membership of the church and begins your preparation for further sacraments.  To baptise means to immerse, so therefore when someone is baptised they are immersed into the life of Christ and become a new person.

If you are interested in having your child, or an adult, baptised please contact Fr Reg   tel 01275 873205


Reconciliation i.e. Confession

Reconciliation The Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Confession as it is sometimes known, is a very special sacrament.  It is where you come to speak to the priest and confess your faults
and failings that you may have committed in your life.   It is a repeatable sacrament and we are encouraged to come to confession regularly (at least once a year the church says). During Reconciliation the priest acting ‘in persona Christi’ is able to absolve sins and give a suitable penance.

If you are interested in you or your child preparing for “confession” contact Fr Reg unless your child’s school is arranging to meet the need tel 01275 873205

The sacrament is available as follows …

Clevedon – on Saturdays from 10.30am until 11.30am and from 5.30pm until 6.15pm.
Yatton – on Sunday by request before Mass at 8.30am


The Eucharist i.e. Holy Sacrament (Communion)

Sac CommunionThe Eucharist is the source and summit of all Christian life.  It is a joyful occasion when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  The bread and wine brought forward at the mass are changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  Through the celebration of the Eucharist, the mass, we are united with the liturgy of heaven and we have a foretaste of eternal life.

Children who are in school year 3 or above are eligible to start preparing to receive the sacrament – .the course for “First Holy Communion” in 2016 began in October 2015.If you have missed the start of the preparation course but would like to discuss the options available to you/your child please ring the parish office on tel: 01275 873205

A registration form is available from the parish office, by down-loading from the link below or from the back of the church.

Click on the link to view/print/download the First Communion Leaflet 

Click on the link to print/download the First Communion Registration Form



Sac ConfirmationThe Sacrament of Confirmation is the coming of the Holy Spirit.   As the name suggests it is a confirming of your faith.  You are anointed by a Bishop with Sacred Chrism after the laying on of hands and he says the sacramental words ‘Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit’.

 Bishop Declan will be celebrating the “Sacrament of Confirmation” on Thursday 16th June 2016.  Any parent  who wishes their child to receive this joyful sacrament may obtain an application pack from the back of the church.

The first meeting for 2016 Confirmation was held on 19th September but if you wish to join in  please contact Fr Tom Dubois on tel 01275 851530 to see what can be arranged.



Sac MarriageThe Sacrament of Matrimony is between a man and woman and is the ultimate and joyous expression of love between the couple.   God created man and woman to an intimate communion of life and love in marriage.

If you are planning get married and are considering either our church in Clevedon or our chapel in Yatton please contact Fr Reg tel 01275 873205

NB. Marriage is not only serious from the viewpoint of the couple’s relationship with each other it is also serious from a spiritual and civil law viewpoint too – with various documents needing to be gathered.  It isn important therefore, to contact the church office as soon as possible.

Please click on the link to view/print/download the Arrangements for Marriage 


Anointing of the sick

Sac AnointingtheSickThis is the new name for what we older ones used to know as “Extreme Unction”. However it no longer is reserved for those on the verge of death but is a glorious blessing for anyone awaiting surgery or enduring illness or pain.

If you or a relative/friend wishes to receive this blessing you or they should contact Fr Reg tel 01275 873205

N.B. If you go or a relative need a stay into hospital, you have right to ask the ward to arrange a visit from a catholic priest or a Special Minister



During a requiem we give thanks for the life of the deceased and ask God to welcome them into the ‘Kingdom of Heaven” contact Fr Reg tel 01275 873205