Helping Out/Rotas


There are almost unlimited ways in which you can help out and make this “our” parish. Any talent, or willingness that you can offer can be used – the existing volunteers will be delighted to welcome you so that more can be done and or they could take a break – the more there are , the greater the parish involvement.

In addition to the roles described on the following pages parishioners help in the following ways …
– enhancing the worship by Altar Serving
– Flower Arranging for the altar and other parts of the church

N.B. Massive thanks are due to every helper including those whom we have missed. Sorry!  If you let the office know of our omission we will gladly correct the error.


Altar Serving

Young people who have made their first communion are welcomed as altar servers at either Clevedon or Yatton. Full support and training is provided to enable you to enjoy this service to God and the parish.
Please contact the Parish Office tel: 01275 873205 for more information.


Flower Arranging

On the week to week regular Masses our team of flower arranging help to present a fine display of decorations that contribute to making our church not only welcoming but also easy to pray in. Their true talent is shown on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and also for weddings.  Not only would they appreciate your donations, they would also appreciate your help. They will happily help you gain the necessary skills.
As above, please contact the Parish Office to offer your help.  Thank you.  tel: 01275 873205 for more information. 


Examples of other helping volunteers are listed in the left-hand menu bar