We live in a world of constant hustle and bustle so it is very easy to forget that there is a welcome in Greyfriars after 10am Mass on Sundays. Sharing a cup of  tea or coffee is a way for parishioners to get to know each other better.

Clearly it can be daunting to enter a buzzing room where every one else seem to know each other.  But please give it a go – find one of the coffee helpers and introduce yourself adding “… and I don’t know anyone!”

We are trying to become more welcoming – so please drop in and give us a chance.


Tea & Coffee Team Date
Clare Somerton, Maggie Norman, Joe Norman 24 Sep
22 Oct 19 Nov 17 Dec
Yvette Lester, Maria Wahab 01 Oct
29 Oct 26 Nov 24 Dec
Ann Walsh, Annemarie Mitchell 08 Oct
05 Nov 03 Dec 31 Dec
Sabina Bobruk, Florence Stuart 15 Oct
12 Nov 10 Dec 07 Jan

Would the coffee team please hoover the carpet before leaving Greyfriars, so that it is left clean for people booking Greyfriars on Sunday afternoon.