We live in a world of constant hustle and bustle so it is very easy to forget that there is a welcome in Greyfriars after 10am Mass on Sundays. Sharing a cup of  tea or coffee is a way for parishioners to get to know each other better.

Clearly it can be daunting to enter a buzzing room where every one else seem to know each other.  But please give it a go – find one of the coffee helpers and introduce yourself adding “… and I don’t know anyone!”

We are trying to become more welcoming – so please drop in and give us a chance.


Tea & Coffee Team Date
Clare Somerton, Maggie Norman, Joe Norman 14 Jan
11 Feb 11 Mar 8 Apr
Clara Alvarez, Jenny
21 Jan
18 Feb 18 Mar 15 apr
Ann Walsh, Annemarie Mitchell 28 Jan
25 Feb 25 Mar 22 Apr
Sabina Bobruk, Florence Stuart, Barbara Blackman 4 Feb
4 Mar 1 Apr 29 Apr

Would the coffee team please hoover the carpet before leaving Greyfriars, so that it is left clean for people booking Greyfriars on Sunday afternoon.