Liturgy Group


 The Liturgy Group’s purpose is primarily to assist the Parish Priest in ensuring that the major Feasts of Christmas, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost are suitably prepared for. In addition the group assists with the planning for major Solemnities and special events [First Communion, Confirmation, Children’s Liturgy and the quarterly Masses f0r Children/Young people for example. 

Themes for Advent and Lent are discussed with speakers being organised as appropriate,  Orders of Service are produced in conjunction with the Parish Office and Newsletter items are arranged as appropriate e.g. Remembrance Sunday.

The principal participants are the Parish Priest and Deacons, the Music Director, the Parish MC and representatives from Yatton, the Children’s Liturgy Group and other relevant parish interest Groups whilst liaison with the organisers of the Ushers, Readers and Eucharistic Ministers is maintained as appropriate.  

The current composition of the Group [June 2016], other than the Clergy and Deacons, is Cath Hanley, Berni Jordan, Paul Keenan, Tess Lawrence, Vicki McHugh and Carmel Wear.

The Liturgy Group meets three/four times a year with ad hoc meetings as necessary.

For further information, contact the Parish Office.