Small Altar Linen Laundry


Laundry of the linen used at Mass in the Parish, is a weekly task.

Fortunately we have a team of eleven parishioners, not exclusively female, who undertake this Ministry.

The items laundered usually comprise Purificators, Finger (Lavabo) towels/napkins and Corporals. And from time to time a Priest’s amice and the servers’ white altar gloves. Starch is not a modern requirement.

A rota is issued every five months.

Click here for the current rota.

Contact:  Ruth Hale, Sacristan via the Parish Office.

Historical Note

Dr Alastair MacLeod, a retired GP and a much respected doctor in Clevedon, was in charge of the laundering of the Small Altar Linen. When he started with this responsibility unknown. Suffice it to say that he was still producing handwritten SAL rotas in 2002, which were photocopied and distributed to a team of eight launderers including himself.
Dt MacLeod was awarded the Bene Merenti Medal on 6 October 2002.  He was the last Apostolic Syndic to be appointed in this parish by the OFM in December 1953. The office was dispensed with before his death on 3 May 2006.  The Parish History, written by Michael Huscroft and published in 2004, gives further details.