Whether you are of no faith or any faith – as you are looking at our website, welcome!!   If you believe that we might be of help – please ask. You are a wonderful human, made and loved by the Almighty who IS love. You are you, and therefore you are important.

IMG_0249In our parish community there are people of all shapes, sizes and ages who believe that the Almighty creator (some call him, or her, God) made everything, visible and invisible, Earth – our lovely blue planet – and the whole universe.

We believe that the Almighty – for us Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is love personified and made us creatures in his/her image and likeness. So; for us everyone is important. We are not here to convert anyone, nor to make anyone a Christian let alone a Catholic. No way!! You and I were given the gift of free will – the right and ability to choose.

We, the catholic parish community, as adopted sisters and brothers of Jesus, the Christ, are here to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven – an everlasting kingdom of love. We believe that that is what the Almighty planned for us and is the true reason for our existence.

For us bodily death is not the end – “I won’t remember living and so life itself seems a waste of time. Equally, to have children just for them to end up in a grave also seems a tragic waste of time. There has to be more!”

So for me, the meaning of life and existence is being with the Almighty – He IS , therefore I AM.

Our mission is to proclaim our faith to those around us, and if people choose not to listen, or listen and then choose not to believe, that is their choice – free will.

So welcome, have a good look around and if I can help just give me a call on 01275 873205 or click here to email me

Be well

Fr Reg Gray

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