Finance Committee


Parish Finance

  1. Our Financial Responsibility
    Most things in this life have a financial cost and running our parish is no exception. Our weekly running costs are in excess of £1100 per week and on top of this we contribute about £300 per week to the Diocese. All of this money has to be provided by the parishioners, principally through the offertory collection.
  1. The Best Way to Make Your Offering  – GIFT AID

Offertory giving by monthly standing order is the most welcome form of giving if one can manage it, as it provides a steady and predictable income, allowing forward planning, and if you are a taxpayer it can easily be made tax efficient by the Gift Aid process.

For every £1 donated to the parish by Gift Aid, the parish receives £0.25 from the government, thus making the total income of the parish £1.25. Giving by Gift Aid does not commit you in any way. You can always reduce or stop your giving if your circumstances change.

In order to meet the rules set down by the government, the parish needs to be able to prove that you have given the donation to the parish. The easiest way to do this is by a bank standing order. However without any Gift Aid declaration the parish does not receive any tax back on this.

In order to Gift Aid your offertory giving to the parish, you need to sign a Gift Aid. This is a form of words agreed with the government which enables the parish to claim the tax related to that offertory donation.

Gift Aid forms are available from the parish office and in the rack in the Narthex.   If you have any questions about gift aid please contact Bill Hampton (Gift Aid Secretary) 01275 876435 or email

  1. Financial Administration

For day to day administration we are fortunate to have the services of our Parish Secretary who maintains a record of all parish business transactions. These records are computerised and provide the basis to produce a formal set of accounts and enable the Parish to submit an annual financial return to the Diocese. The Parish’s annual accounts are independently audited.

  1. Parish Finance Committee

The Parish has a mandatory finance committee whose primary function is to assist and advise the parish priest in accordance with Canon 537 of the revised Code of Canon Law. Parish finance committees are regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop. It is through through the operation of the Finance Committee that the Christian faithful are able to aid the parish priest in the administration of the parish with due regard for the prescription of Canon 532 (the parish priest represents the parish in all juridic affairs).   Our Parish Finance Committee currently consists of six lay persons, drawn from both Clevedon and Yatton parishioners, who together enjoy a consultative voice. Membership of the Finance Committee is at the discretion of the parish priest and appointments to the Committee are made on a three year term renewable for not more than three terms. The Committee normally meets quarterly.

The Finance Committee has oversight of Parish income and expenditure. As the Parish is self-funded it looks to ensure that there is sufficient income to meet day to day running costs, including general building maintenance works, and, from time to time, larger long-term projects. It also seeks to provide assurance that expenditure is authorised, appropriate and provides good value for money. The Finance Committee provides an annual report to the Parish, normally at the Parish AGM

 For a response to a general question or concern please telephone the Parish Office on 01275 873205

   5.   San Damiano Fund
Named after the location in Assissi where St Francis heard God’s meesage “Francis, mend my church” – The fund was established to fund the Church Refurbishment project, and it was magnificently successful – the beauty of the church is testament to our parishioners. Many, many thanks.  It now continues to fund the repairs needed to the church walls and to the Retro Choir as a project.

For a statement of the San Damiano Account click here