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10th September Parish Picnic & Fun Day

Wow!! What a turnout, and what a feast. Greyfriars simply buzzed with hearty conversation and tables almost groaned with the weight of the food brought by on and all> Foods from a wide range of ethnic quarters provided an amazing choice that tested the brain and the appetite while tickling the taste buds. The mature parishioners sat, ate and conversed. Little opeople toyed with quoits and hoola-hoops – while a mixed aged grouped defied the weather and ventured into the Friary Garden to enjoy bubbles,shuttle-cock and the multi-coloured parachute silk.

Many thanks to all who brought and donated food and especially to Anne-Marie, Anne, Genevieve, Ruth, Jill Pat and to Neil for help setting up and clearing away.




Friary Fayre 2017 –  Saturday 18th November 12 noon to 3pm

If you would like to help with the Fayre, please contact Paul Stathers on 07929479265 or email