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Corona Virus – update
Following guidance from the Bishops Conference and Government we can return to Masses from 4th July 2020:

Clevedon : 630pm Saturday, 10am or 12noon Sunday or Yatton 830am Sunday

However, we must adhere to strict guidelines which can be found here

Please do continue to pray at home. A good way to do this is through reflections and music on the daily readings via this website:

– Greyfriars Prayer Group  (Mondays) – still cancelled until further notice
– Youth Gatherings – are happening via Zoom – contact Tom to join – click here to email him

-from 4th July Weekday and Weekend Masses in Clevedon at 10am will be said with a limit of 50 people in the church

Please see to attend weekday and weekend Masses at the moment

Please pray for all victims of the virus, for parishioners but especially for those most vulnerable eg the elderly and those with illness that weaken the immune systems – cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.
For further advice google ‘public health coronavirus’

– on the following pages seek  ….
– to keep you up-to-date with events and developments within the parish
– to allow you to keep other parishioners up-to-date with events and developments that you wish to advise them of.
To see the latest Newsletter click here
To advise us of items you would like posted on the website, please contact us here

Parish Diary

Alleluia!1 From 4th July our church and our chapel will be open for public Mass.
Mass times are …
– in Clevedon – Saturday ay 6.30pm, on Sunday at 10am, weekdays at 10am
– in Yatton – on Sunday  at 8.30
… massive efforts of many to help and or pray for parishioners, and others, in need
… the efforts of a few clergy and parishioners will continue to keep in contact via Parishioner’ On-Line Community
Your obligation to attend Mass on Sundays remains suspended until further notice, …..
N.B. Do not attend Mass if you know/suspect that you or a member of your household has symptoms of COVID-19
Government guidelines for ‘specified persons, the elderly and the vulnerable remain in force
Weekly Nursing Home Services – remain SUSPENDED, sadly

– each Sunday at Gorselands at 11.20am (following 10am Mass)
– monthly service at Worcester Lodge at 3.30pm (usually the first Tuesday of the month
– monthly services at Mount Elton and Clevedon Court. If you would like to join any of these (no obligation or rota!) contact Carmel Wear at Yatton or Deacon Mario at

– for news of Diocesan events click here
– 4th October – Feast of St Francis of Assisi
– 22nd-29th October – Northern Spain Pilgrimage – In the footsteps of St Ignatius -CANCELLED
– 25th October – Dedication of the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary at 10am Mass
– 9th November = PPC Meeting, 7pm (Zoom)
– 8th December – Feast of the Immaculate Conception
a) You may choose to attend Mass online at … (daily ay 10am) click here  (daily at Noon) click here (daily at 9.30am) click here
b) To help you through exercise your faith here ia a link to a wealth of prayer resources – click here
c) read/hear messages from clergy and parishioners- click here


Latest News
“Keeping a Living Parish” – messages from Parishioners’ On-line Community at clevedoncatholics covid.19 – click here
For “Coping with Closure” – an array of prayers and links click here
NO MASS?- here is a wealth of prayer resources – click here
NO COMMUNION – here is the prayer for Spiritual Communion (i.e. Prayer of St Alphonsus)
My Jesus,  I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,  come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen.
If you are in ‘lockdown’ and are in need of help please call the Parish Office on 01275 873 205 and we shall see what we can do to help.  Another source of help is …
North Somerset Together
North Somerset Together is an initiative to help residents who have no support from family or friends and who are socially isolated access the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It will also help those who want to volunteer to get involved or donate to link up with the right organisations, and signpost businesses to relevant information. You can access the service at

Clevedon Mutual Aid Group – click on the link ( a new but very fast-growing group of volunteers (now almost 400) working to support their neighbours street by street in Clevedon with basic tasks such as shopping and collecting prescriptions.
Update on the Blessed Virgin Mary statue project: -to replace the missing statue on the seawards facing – born out of the desire of some of our parishioners to replace the missing statue; honouring our Blessed Lady; and comfort those who see the statue (countless seafarers, Clevedon locals and visitors alike, including people on the pier). With the oversight of Fr. Reg and the PPC, a small team is currently preparing the project for the Parish (Maureen Geis, Patrick Dillon and Deacon Mario). For more details click here
Alive Publishing have produced a leaflet with suggested prayers and quotes from saints to encourage us during this time. One prayer from it is from Prayers before the Blessed Sacrament by Timothy Menezes:
Lord Jesus, Healer of bodies and souls, we intercede for those who are living with sickness. Your own wounds of suffering during your Passion and your agony in the garden bring you close to all those who suffer. Be a source of comfort and hope to all those who carry the burden of sickness in mind or body. Bless those whose vocation is to care, whether professionally or through the bonds of family. May your loving gaze bring wholeness and light out of darkness. Amen
Some quotes from Saints:
See the source image
Without the burdens of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace. The gift of grace increases as the struggle increases. St Rose of Lima
If GoSee the source imaged sends you many sufferings it is a sign that He has great plans for you, and certainly wants to make you a saint. St Ignatius of Loyola


See the source imageIt isn’t good to let our thoughts disturb us or worry us at all. St Teresa of Avila
Important – Offertory Collections – see PayPal button on the Home Page

To hear/read Bishop Declan’s letter re the Corona Virus click here

CORONA VIRUS – update April 2020
Following the advice from The Bishops Conference we are asked to cancel all public worship until further notice.
Our church of The Immaculate Conception will remain open but Masses will continue to be said by the Friars for the intentions of the parish, seven days a week. Your obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is suspended as the Corid-19 virus constitutes a ‘serious threat’ to your health and that of many.

Fr Tony B. is recording the gospel and the homily each Sunday. See and scroll down to the video screens. We can enter into online Masses at the following places:

St John the Evangelist, Bath daily at 10am web: or click here

St Francis, Nailsea daily at 12noon web address: or click here

Clifton Catholic Cathedral, Bristol daily at 9.30am or click here

The Sunday readings are a valuable way to stay in touch with Mass, as well as reading the Bible and/or saying the Rosary together as a family or friends via phone or video calling.

 Prayer for Spiritual Communion: This prayer was written by St Alphonsus Liguori for people who could not receive the Bread of Life due to illness. It can be prayed at the time of communion by us each time we watch an online Mass or every time we would have attended Mass during homestay:

Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I love you and I desire to receive you into my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there, and unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you. Amen.

St Francis Primary School – ADMISSIONS
To see details of the new policy please click here 

Life LogoOur Lenten Lunch Charity – LIFE – this year have sent some information on their work through the Covid-19 crisis:
At Life, we love helping mums and babies. Combining practical and emotional support, offering positive alternatives to abortion, is at the heart of Life’s DNA. Together with our valued supporters like you, we’ve been doing this for nearly 50 years. Last month, we helped 196 mums, mums-to-be, and their children in our 23 houses across the country, in addition to two community support projects. I’m delighted to share with you a special look into our Houses in our April Impact report, along with good news from the other areas of the charity.
Click the wording below to see film of how LIFE is supporting families with pregnancy issues and young mums:

This is your impact <Have a look at this link – it’ll put a smile on your face. 

Warm regards,  Beckie Reeves (Head of Link Operations)

See the source imageCoronavirus is affecting every country we work in. The poorest and excluded are most vulnerable. Food prices have risen with borders closing; the poorest are losing their jobs and income with wholesale shutdowns. As you can imagine, the outlook is very serious in places where healthcare is inadequate, and washing regularly and social distancing are luxuries. They now face the threat of hunger as the coronavirus shuts down markets and jobs.

As our first response (<weblink), we have adapted all of our current work across 40 countries, and are also responding to already severe needs with emergency food relief, water and sanitation, and spreading awareness of prevention measures, especially through Church leaders and Catholic media.

This virus is changing our entire programme of work across the world. Beyond the immediate loss of life and suffering, long-term vulnerability, poverty, exclusion and injustice will only become more acute. The task is daunting. We and our church partners around the world are looking to God for strength, and to keep us acting in faith and hope, and we know that you across England and Wales are doing the same.

We kA person washing their hands over a bowl of waternow all too well that things are far from straightforward in all our parishes right now. We, as a global family, have never faced a crisis of this magnitude –in our own communities, and those communities CAFOD works with. But the scale is unimaginable in the most vulnerable communities of our world, and so as of today, we are appealing for support for our emergency response (<weblink). 

To help with adapting parish life to lockdown, some resources and guides are here: has a two-minute video message from CAFOD Director-Christine Allen about the appeal – please consider sharing

– Also at you’ll find tips for gathering virtually, prayer resources and children’s activities

– ideas for parishes on getting online as a parish community (<weblink)

– a programme of online talks (<click on) about our response work as well as a weekly live-streamed Mass and Sunday Children’s Liturgy,

We are so grateful as always for all of your prayers and support, especially in what we know are distressing times for many here in the UK. I truly believe that our way through this time lies in our faith and keeping in contact with one another. Please remember CAFOD’s work and our appeal in your communications with parishioners and in your prayers.

With my sincere thanks and my prayers,   Christine Allen – Director, CAFOD

CCS Adoption: supporting adopted children / families during the Covid-19                                                                             CCS Adoption is doing all it can to support adopted children and families during the pandemic, and to extend our thanks for your ongoing support – indeed many of you will recently have supported us through your second collection. We are hugely grateful.                                   Click here for a Covid-19 statement which sets out in more detail the steps we are taking to support our families (albeit remotely), as we all adapt to this new and rapidly changing environment. I wanted to reassure you that we are continuing to deliver our core service – finding forever families for vulnerable, traumatised children – and that our amazing team is coming up with ever more creative ways to support them.

Northern Spain Pilgrimage – In the footsteps of St Ignatius –22nd-29th October
Bishop Declan is leading this year’s diocesan pilgrimage to Northern Spain as part of our celebration for the Year of Communion. The pilgrimage will celebrate of the forthcoming 500th Anniversary (2022) of St Ignatius at Manresa and the writing of his Spiritual Exercises. More information is available from Sarah, in the Adult Education department, on 0117 9025595 or at the diocesan website – click here

Standing Order Donations
the Diocese will be writing to all current Standing Order Donors soon, to ask us to complete a new Standing Order, or Direct Debit, which will be made payable directly to the parish rather than through the Diocese. orry but Diocesan changes to their accounting procedures require us to cancel the existing order and to sign up to a new one.
N.B.This can be a dodgy time for parish finances as those who inadvertently fail to sign up to the new standing order could create a damaging hit to our parish funds.

Safeguarding- many thanks to Liz Owens and Cath Hanley for the instructive session on this subject. Some twenty parishioners attended and gained a greater insight into the role we all play in protecting the health and dignity of vulnerable adults and young people. This is not an easy topic to air but the recent years within the church and wider society tells us that if we see or suspect a safeguarding breach is occurring we cannot turn a blind eye. If you have a concern you must report it either to Liz or Fr Tony via the Parish Office (01275 873205).

Bambellini Ceremony – on Sunday 15th December – we re-enacted the traditional Vatican practice wherein children (big and small) were invited to bring the image of the Christ child from their home crib to be blessed.

Fr Antony Collins continues to need your prayers

December Youth Gathering – The young people of Clevedon, Yatton and Portishead were a credit to their families and themselves as they took on the challenge of feeding Bristol’s homeless before Christmas. We had a meeting of young people on 13th December in Greyfriars with 11 young people who enjoyed each other’s company and helped to make up 3 loaves of sandwiches, as well as collecting biscuits and treats for the homeless on Bristol’s streets. These were all delivered to Christchurch, Clifton who make weekly runs to the city centre to give much-needed relief to our city’s poorest.

Including this charity work, our young people prayed together and reflected on the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas. The adults were really encouraged by the direction and questions of our young people into the meaning behind the coming of Christ and its impact on humanity. The reasons why Jesus came was a thought-provoking and interesting topic of conversation and the pizza and hot dogs were delicious accompaniment to the evening’s discussion!

EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE – To aid confidentiality and transparency the PPC ask you to consider the following …
i) if you wish to communicate with individual friars you are asked to use one of the following email addresses…
a) For the Parish Priest, Fr Reg Gray —-
b) For the Guardian, Fr Antoine(Tony) —
c) For Fr Antony Collins ——————–
ii) For non-confidential issues and general parish information and questions please continue to use either of the following …
—    or —
iii) If you are unsure which to use please ask a friar, a deacon or a member of the PPC eg

Fr Antony Collins asks for you prayers as he will be seeing the oncologist on Tuesday 26th Nov

St Francis School Newsletter – click here

St Vincent de Paul Society –  SVP members help the disadvantaged, but we need new members. Why not join the SVP family answering God’s call to help your neighbour? We are currently helping students in Kerala , providing them with 20 tables and chairs for their studies. Call CARMEL on 01934 832978

Beloved Disciple – many thanks to Pat & Neil Quinn for presenting this 4-week opportunity to see the value of those in the autumn of life. Some 35 parishioners attended.

21st September – Immaculate Conception Open day
With Gregorian Chant playing quietly in the background, a steady stream of visitors were welcomed to the Immaculate Conception Church in Clevedon. Event organiser Anthony Palmer said “As one of our special evangelisation events we opened our church to the Clevedon community.  There was no attempt to convert visitors, we simply responded to their questions and hopefully displayed our love of our faith, and for our church and our community.” A team of twelve guides shared the day and a second team provided refreshments.

In ones and twos visitors, from all faiths and none, arrived and expressed their surprise and delight at the open-ness of all who
were on hand to welcome and to answer questions. Many were astonished at the quantity and quality of the stained glass windows.
Few visitors had been inside a catholic church before – let alone on the ‘Friary on the hill” in Clevedon.
How many seeds were sown only the Holy Spirit will know.
This was the third parish evaluation event in this following series..
1. 26th May — An invitation to “resting” Catholics to a special Mass
2. 13th July — A Street Evangelisation Day in Hill St, Clevedon
3, 21st Sept — An Open Church Day for the Clevedon Community
4. 2nd Nov — an Ecumenical Memorial Service for deceased family members and friends

8th September – Parish Fun Day – The sun shone the food arrived in both quantity and quality and the parishioners turned out in festive like mood.  A healthy buzz of conversation filled Greyfriars as less healthy platefuls were consumed.  Thanks are due to Friars for the use of their garden and their dining room and terrace.
Anne Marie and her team worked their usual wonders on the display of the food and Paul Spindler demonstrated his head-masterly control during the games in the garden. Genevieve Vickery provided a craft filled table while Lucy Kehoe set up archery, swing-ball et al in the garden.  Others raided the apple trees.

Thanks to all who provided, displayed and ate the food. Thanks to the cleaners of utensils and room. Indeed the Fun Day lived up to its name!

Spot the Head-teacher



One way of keeping them quiet

The garden in sunshine




10th August – Visit to Noah’s Ark Farm  and the African Carnival Day
Many thanks to Simon Farnden for suggesting and organising the visit. Some 50 parishioners, very young to ‘somewhat older!!’ enjoyed a great day out – despite the wind, rain and very occasional sunshine. The wide range of animals,. from the cute meerkats to the lumbering elephants is truly impressive, yet the energy displayed by african drummers, dancers and gymnasts was outstanding.

Parish Picnic 20th July 2019
With torrential rain in the days leading up to Saturday the picnic was in doubt until clearer weather arrived and was backed up by a benign forecast. Saturday morning drizzle didn’t help but the clouds cleared and the sun shone.  Despite the lead up e-mails and telephone calls ensured a good turn-out.

Picnic food was backed up by scones, strawberries and cream, teas and coffees guaranteed an healthy flow of conversation between parishioners of all ages. Genevieve Vickery and Lucy Kehoe provided both the inspiration and resources for the crafts while swing-ball, pluck-a-duck and archery ensured plenty of activity served to run off the weight added by the scones etc. In a garden with tree house, swings, slides and hammocks the young parishioners held no monopoly of the fun-time.

Thanks to Paul Spindler and the Children, Young People and Families working group for arranging the event and to Peter & Mary for their hospitality


Street Evangelisation 13th July
Some twenty-five parishioners joined to make the Hill Rd Evangelisation event a grand success. Hill Rd shoppers lit candles for their own personal intentions and placed them on our stand.  Between 10am and 1pm nearly 100 candles were lit and over 30 written prayer requests were received.  Our initial embarrassment at publicly professing our faith soon evaporated as we realised our actions were welcomed and valued by most people.

After the event the candles were brought back to our church along with the written prayer requests which were offerred to the Lord during the weekend Masses



a) Sacristans – the team welcome new members to assist in preparing for our public worship, notably Mass. Speak with Michael hale or one of the Friars to see how you might offer help.
Eucharistic Ministers are required to serve and help during the Masses and/or to serve the Eucharist to those unable to attend Mass
b) Printing the Newsletter – help needed for 20mins on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to print, count and fold newsletter and place within the church. Please contact Tom at the parish office  tel 01275 873205 or
c) CTIC – a Parish Representative is needed at the meetings of Churches Together in Clevedon (CTIC) to express the parish’s viewpoint at this organisation that brings Clevedon’s Christian Community together. If you can spare an hour or so every six weeks please contact the parish office (01275 873205) or Fr Reg
d) Prayer Writer needed to compose the Universal prayers for four sundays every six months – please email the parish office or speak to one of the friars.

– is a free App/Website- download Mass readings and reflections to your phone and pray as you go to work etc. See here



Parish AGM

2020 Annual Parish Meeting is cancelled due to Covid-19.  We shall publish a few short reports here shortly

2019 Parish APM …
… was held on Sunday 28th April. To read the draft Minutes click here 

The meeting discussed the continuation of the practice of ‘Charitable Giving’ – you may express your view by downloading the attached form. To do do please click here