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Corona Virus – update
We await the Government’s proposals for the reduction/removal of restrictions on public worship. Until such times we continue with covid restrictions re sanitizing before and after Mass, sanitizing your seat, and maintaining social distances. We are asked not to linger before or after the service to reduce the risk of infection

MASS TIMES are – Clevedon : 630pm on Saturdays, 10am on Sundays and Monday – Saturday at 10am

Yatton: 830am on Sundays

We continue to adhere to strict guidelines for private prayer in church which can be found here

Please view weekend Masses from Clevedon at ofmclevedon on YouTube

Please do continue to pray at home. A good way to do this is through reflections and music on the daily readings via this website:

– Greyfriars Prayer Group  (Mondays) – still cancelled until further notice
– Youth Gatherings – are happening via Zoom – contact Tom to join – click here to email him

Please see to attend weekday and weekend Masses at the moment

Please pray for all victims of the virus, for parishioners but especially for those most vulnerable eg the elderly and those with illness that weaken the immune systems – cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.
For further advice google ‘public health coronavirus’

– on the following pages seek  ….
– to keep you up-to-date with events and developments within the parish
– to allow you to keep other parishioners up-to-date with events and developments that you wish to advise them of.
To see the latest Newsletter click here
To advise us of items you would like posted on the website, please contact us here

Parish Diary

MASS LIVE FROM CLEVEDON 6.30pm SATURDAY and 10am SUNDAY – click here
Mass times are …
– in Clevedon – Saturday ay 6.30pm, on Sunday at 10am, weekdays at 10am
– in Yatton – on Sunday  at 8.30
Clevedon Masses are available at ofmclevedon
… massive efforts of many to help and or pray for parishioners, and others, in need
… the efforts of a few clergy and parishioners will continue to keep in contact via Parishioner’ On-Line Community
Your obligation to attend Mass on Sundays remains suspended until further notice.
N.B. Do not attend Mass if you know/suspect that you or a member of your household has symptoms of COVID-19
Government guidelines for ‘specified persons, the elderly and the vulnerable remain in force
Weekly Nursing Home Services – remain SUSPENDED – on renewal visits will be as follows ……
– Gorselands each Sunday at 11.20am (following 10am Mass)
– Worcester Lodgemonthly service  at 3.30pm (usually the first Tuesday of the month
– Mount Elton and Clevedon Courtmonthly – monthly services.
If you would like to join any of these (no obligation or rota!) contact Carmel Wear at Yatton or Deacon Mario at
– Every Tuesday – 7.30pm – St Anthony’s Devotion in our church
– Every Wednesday -Yatton Choir Practice – in the chapel at 7pm – info from Anthony ay antpal11″
– Every Thursday – Clevedon Choir Practice – musicians and singers welcome – info from
a) River of Remembrance:  you are invited to add photos of your deceased loved ones to a ‘River of Remembrance’ on the Sanctuary Steps. Please add your name and number on the back of photos for safe return to you
b) November Dead List – If you would like a Mass said for your deceased loved ones every day during November place their names in the box on the sanctuary steps – if you wish you make enclose an offering for the Friars.
– 28th Nov – 1st Sunday of Advent – the obligation to attend Sunday Mass resumes for all who feel able
– 4th Dec -Advent Reconciliation Times:  Saturday morning (1030am-1130am) as well on Saturday evening  (5.30pm-6.15pm).

– 5th December – 2nd Sunday of Advent – !st Communion Mass at 11.30am – We would ask you to remember the candidates in prayer as they make their final preparations: Nicole Jasinski, Emilia, Julia and Zofia Pytraczyk, James McIsaac-Dunne, Julia Mizera, Sofia Ivaldi, Julia Kos, Oskar Makowski, Kacper Luszczynski, Olivia Palka, Jeremy Collins, Patryk Giorzkowski, Weronika Dobrowolska and Mararida Fernandes.
– 10th Dec – Blessed Carlos Acutis Group–10th December. We will be making sandwiches for the homeless in Bristol. If you would like to know more about this group or
know of someone in Year 6 or older, please contact Tom in the Parish Office. D
– 11th Dec -Advent Reconciliation Times:  Saturday morning (1030am-1130am) as well on Saturday evening (5.30pm-6.15pm).
– 12th Dec – 3rd Sunday of Advent – Bambinelli Sunday and Gaudete Sunday You are invited to bring your Christ-child figures for a blessing at the 10am Clevedon Mass.

– 18th Dec -Advent Reconciliation Times:  Saturday morning (1030am-1130am) as well on Saturday evening (5.30pm-6.15pm).
-19th Dec – 4th Sunday of Advent
– 24th Dec – (Friday)Christmas Eve
– 25th Dec – (Saturday)Christmas Day
– 26th Dec – (Sunday)Solemnity of The Holy Family

a) You may choose to attend Mass online at … (daily ay 10am) click here  (daily at Noon) click here (daily at 9.30am) click here
b) To help you through exercise your faith here ia a link to a wealth of prayer resources – click here



Latest News


RETURN OF THE FRIARY FAYRE – this will be held in Princes Hall, Clevedon on Saturday 20th November (!2noon – 3pm) –  please make a note in your diary.  Meanwhile, donations of bottles, tins toys and books/gifts/jewellery/puzzles/etc in good condition are appreciated – please add them to the gathering in the Friary garage. Thank you.
If you wish to help with the Fayre, please contact Paul Stathers

RETURN TO MASS – The Bishops of England and Wales have announced that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, suspended during the Covid-19 epidemic, will be re-instated as of Sunday 28th November 2021 – the First Sunday of Advent.  We look forward to welcoming you back. Please share this information with other Catholics that you meet.

PARISH FINANCES – these have taken a big hit during the Covid-19 period. If you would like to make a donation please see the button at the bottom of the Home Page

Thanksgiving Service & BBQ –mega thanks to all who planned, prepared and helped with these events. A fantastic day was had by many parishioners. Special thanks go to Vincent McLaughin and to Oliver Vieweider.

TEAS & COFFEE RETURN  – All are warmly invited into the hall on Sunday morning after Mass for a chat over a drink and a biscuit. Please be aware of others and maintain social distancing. Thank you

COVID-19 ROUTE MAP – GUIDANCE: Following the latest guidelines from the Bishop’s Conference of England & Wales, we will be continuing with most of the social distancing measures we have in place. We request that you continue to wear a face covering (unless exempt) and sanitise your hands when you arrive at Church. We will not exchange a physical sign of peace at this stage. Congregational singing is now allowed (although face coverings should be worn by members of the congregation until infection levels reduce). We ask for all to keep handling of hymnbooks to a minimum. Please wipe down your hymnbook before Mass and place it back in the trolley keeping Saturday & Sunday books separate.

PRAYER WRITING FOR THE PARISH: have you ever considered how the Prayers of the Faithful / Universal Prayers or General Intercessions are composed or where they come from? As one of the titles of these prayers states; they come from the Faithful, ie. us parishioners. A group of parishioners, including Fr Antony Collins, write these prayers. If you would like to be one of these writers, please contact Tom in the Parish Office ON TEL 01275 873205or at

UNABLE TO ATTEND MASS?– here is a wealth of prayer resources – click here
You may now follow the live streaming at …
The Immaculate Conception Sunday Mass at 10am by viewing YouTube ofmclevedom by clicking here
or at …
St John the Evangelist, Bath daily at 10am web: or click here


St Francis, Nailsea daily at 12noon web address: or click here


Clifton Catholic Cathedral, Bristol daily at 9.30am or click here

UNABLE TO RECEIVE  COMMUNIONhere is the prayer for Spiritual Communion (i.e. Prayer of St Alphonsus)
My Jesus,  I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,  come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen.

If you are  in need of help please call the Parish Office on 01275 873 205 and we shall see what we can do to help.                                           
Other sources of help are…
North Somerset Together – an initiative to help residents who have no support from family or friends and who are socially isolated access the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It will also help those who want to volunteer to get involved or donate to link up with the right organisations, and signpost businesses to relevant information. You can access the service at
Clevedon Mutual Aid Group – click on the link ( a new but very fast-growing group of volunteers (now almost 400) working to support their neighbours street by street in Clevedon with basic tasks such as shopping and collecting prescriptions

See the source imageCoronavirus is affecting every country we work in. The poorest and excluded are most vulnerable. Food prices have risen with borders closing; the poorest are losing their jobs and income with wholesale shutdowns. As you can imagine, the outlook is very serious in places where healthcare is inadequate, and washing regularly and social distancing are luxuries. They now face the threat of hunger as the coronavirus shuts down markets and jobs.

This virus is changing our entire programme of work across the world. Beyond the immediate loss of life and suffering, long-term vulnerability, poverty, exclusion and injustice will only become more acute. The task is daunting. We and our church partners around the world are looking to God for strength, and to keep us acting in faith and hope, and we know that you across England and Wales are doing the same.

We kA person washing their hands over a bowl of waternow all too well that things are far from straightforward in all our parishes right now. We, as a global family, have never faced a crisis of this magnitude –in our own communities, and those communities CAFOD works with. But the scale is unimaginable in the most vulnerable communities of our world, and so as of today, we are appealing for support for our emergency response (<weblink).

To help with adapting parish life to lockdown, some resources and guides are here: has a two-minute video message from CAFOD Director-Christine Allen about the appeal – please consider sharing
–  at you’ll find tips for gathering virtually, prayer resources and children’s activities
– ideas for parishes on getting online as a parish community (<weblink)

When can we resume the following?
Parish Fun Day – The sun shone the food arrived in both quantity and quality and the parishioners turned out in a festive mood.  A healthy buzz of conversation filled Greyfriars as less healthy platefuls were consumed.  Thanks are due to Friars for the use of their garden, their dining room, and terrace.
Anne Marie and her team worked their usual wonders on the display of the food and Paul Spindler demonstrated his head-masterly control during the games in the garden. Genevieve Vickery provided a craft filled table while Lucy Kehoe set up archery, swing-ball et al in the garden.  Others raided the apple trees.

Thanks to all who provided, displayed and ate the food. Thanks to the cleaners of utensils and room. Indeed the Fun Day lived up to its name!

Spot the Head-teacher



One way of keeping them quiet

The garden in sunshine




10th August – Visit to Noah’s Ark Farm  and the African Carnival Day
Many thanks to Simon Farnden for suggesting and organising the visit. Some 50 parishioners, very young to ‘somewhat older!!’ enjoyed a great day out – despite the wind, rain and very occasional sunshine. The wide range of animals,. from the cute meerkats to the lumbering elephants is truly impressive, yet the energy displayed by african drummers, dancers and gymnasts was outstanding.

Parish Picnic 20th July 2019
With torrential rain in the days leading up to Saturday the picnic was in doubt until clearer weather arrived and was backed up by a benign forecast. Saturday morning drizzle didn’t help but the clouds cleared and the sun shone.  Despite the lead up e-mails and telephone calls ensured a good turn-out.

Picnic food was backed up by scones, strawberries and cream, teas and coffees guaranteed an healthy flow of conversation between parishioners of all ages. Genevieve Vickery and Lucy Kehoe provided both the inspiration and resources for the crafts while swing-ball, pluck-a-duck and archery ensured plenty of activity served to run off the weight added by the scones etc. In a garden with tree house, swings, slides and hammocks the young parishioners held no monopoly of the fun-time.

Thanks to Paul Spindler and the Children, Young People and Families working group for arranging the event and to Peter & Mary for their hospitality


Street Evangelisation 13th July
Some twenty-five parishioners joined to make the Hill Rd Evangelisation event a grand success. Hill Rd shoppers lit candles for their own personal intentions and placed them on our stand.  Between 10am and 1pm nearly 100 candles were lit and over 30 written prayer requests were received.  Our initial embarrassment at publicly professing our faith soon evaporated as we realised our actions were welcomed and valued by most people.

After the event the candles were brought back to our church along with the written prayer requests which were offerred to the Lord during the weekend Masses






Parish AGM
2020 Annual Parish Meeting is cancelled due to Covid-19.  We shall publish a few short reports here shortly

2019 Parish APM …
… was held on Sunday 28th April. To read the draft Minutes click here 

The meeting discussed the continuation of the practice of ‘Charitable Giving’ – you may express your view by downloading the attached form. To do do please click here